2021 Fees and Registration

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 2021 season. It’s the time of year to start the registration process again. The process is the same as last year and every player must register themselves online and pay the Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia registration fees prior to round 1 being the 17th of April.

The club fees are to be paid separately. Due to the unique circumstances of the last year we have made the decision to freeze this years fees at the 2019 amount. This covers MWBL fees, club running costs, equipment costs and ground maintenance. 

  • Senior $330
  • Full time student $250 (student card required)
  • Junior playing Senior and Juniors $230
  • Junior no Seniors $150
  • Rookie Ball $80
  • Tee Ball $50 

Please register through Baseball Victoria as early as you can, as this is the biggest job for a secretary for the whole year.


Any problems, send me an email and I’ll try to assist you.

Gemma Stanfield