W.B.C. Code of Coduct

Watsonia Baseball Club

Code of Conduct

Watsonia Baseball Club will adhere to the code of conduct laid out by governing body in Baseball Victoria to find these policies please go to http://baseballvictoria.com.au/Membership/Club-Resources/Policies .

As a member of Watsonia Baseball Club we expect that you treat every player, supporter and member of the baseball community with respect regardless of age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, social standing or ability.

It is the expectation that every member works hard for their team and themselves, treats all team mates and opponents as you expect to be treated yourself, plays by the rules, cooperates with team and game officials, controls their conduct on and off the field, adheres to MWBL policy of a smoke and alcohol free environment, be respectful in your communication, use common sense to ensure that the ‘spirit of the game’ is not lost and demonstrates respect for opposing players and their supporters.

There are certain actions that have been deemed to be outside the range of acceptable behaviour. These include but are not limited to having or consuming alcohol, illegal drugs or substances, sexual harassment, criminal offences, swearing or abusing others, physical violence, harassment or vilification including the use of Social Media, refusing to comply with instructions and poor sportsmanship or cheating.

Watsonia Baseball club practices Responsible Service of Alcohol by definition if you are considered by licensee as intoxicated, drunk or disorderly, this is against the law and you will be either refused service or will be requested to leave the premises.

By signing this form you are agreeing to the conditions of this code.

If you are deemed to have broken the code of conduct rules the matter will be put before the committee and an appropriate course of action will be decided.  The committee may refer certain issues to more appropriate authorities

I, _______________________have read and understood the policy and will abide by it as a member of WBC. 

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If under 18 years of age, parent/guardian to sign below: 

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