Watsonia Baseball Club

Guiding Principles

At Watsonia Baseball Club we believe that baseball is game that is meant to be enjoyed by everyone so we expect that everyone is treated with respect regardless of age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, social standing or ability.

At Watsonia we endeavour to provide an environment where members and visitors feel safe. For this reason we have a zero tolerance policy towards violence, threatening behavior and bullying.


As a membership we will accept the decisions and direction of coaches and committee. If there is a time when the need arises to question these positions do so evenly and professionally and expect the same in response.

If you are enjoying alcohol ensure that it is done responsibly and in the right environment.  Take control of your own level of intoxication and be aware of how that can affect the people around you and their overall experience. The rules of Responsible Service of Alcohol will apply.